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League Rules

  1. Silver Division may play with a volley-lite volleyball. Players are allowed to serve inside court. Ref's discretion to move player back. (this rule is to help players develop not for a tactical advantage.) 
  2. A team must have 5 players to begin the game. If your team does not have 5 players by the beginning of the first set it will be forfeited. A timer will then begin and if 5 players do not show after ten min the game will be forfeit.
  3. Match Play - A match shall consist of 2 games to 25 points. Games must be won by 2 or more points or the first team to 30. A third match to 15 points will be played if each team wins one of the two matches. No Time limits on games!
  4. Timeouts - Two one-minute timeouts per set. 
  5. Let Serve - A ball that when served, hits the net and continues into the opponent's court. The Let Serve is a playable LIVE BALL!
  6. Legal contact is a touch of the ball by a player's body above and including the waist, which does not allow the ball to visibly come to rest or involve prolonged contact with a player's body.
  7. All serves may be received in any form, INCLUDING an open hand finger pass. Serves may not be blocked (i.e. nothing above the head).
  8. A back-row player shall not participate in a block or an attempt to block.
  9. PENALTIES FOR ILLEGAL PLAYER ACTIONS -  Point or side-out is awarded the opponent for illegal contact, not receiving serve "correctly", a back-row player foul, or a player being out of rotation. These calls are at the ref's discretion
  10. Touching the net and/or crossing the center line under the net is a violation.
  11. Libero - Any division. Does need different color shirt jersey from other team. Libero will be tracked.
  12. Ceilings & Obstructions - The ball is still live on the teams side of the net if a player from that team hits  an obstruction or ceiling and the team has 1 or 2 hits remaining. 
  14. A coin toss will decide which team takes the serve first.
  15. Line ups are checked prior to each set.
  16. Teams shall change sides at the end of each game.
  17. Unsportsmanlike like conduct will not be tolerated.
  18. You may continue to sign up players for your team until the Wednesday prior to regular season games. After this time you can only play with the players you have signed up on your team. No ringers allowed to play at any time. 
  19. Once registration is over No add in players later. Players can not switch teams or divisions in the season they are registered for. Player can play on 2 seperate teams as long as seperate divisions.
  20. All teams are required to wear the same color, matching T-shirts. No tank-tops. Each player should have a number on their shirt (prefer front) to aid the scorer in keeping accurate stats. This rule does not apply to preseason games.
  21. In order for player to be eligible to play in the Playoffs they must have played in at least 2 games during the regular season.  Preseason doesn't count as an eligible game.
  22. Please wear only clean and dry non-marking shoes to the gym for games. 
  23. Pick up your litter and dispose of it properly after games.

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